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Themed Visits

In addition to the “classic” guided tours, the Monastery of Alcobaça also provides tours built around specific themes. All guided tours can be enhanced with the following educational/recreational activities:

Themed Tours

“Scriptorium” Pedagogic Workshops – In these workshops children have the opportunity to dress up as Cistercian monks and experience the work of scribes. They can write texts or reproduce illuminations using inks and quills.

"Ora et labora" – Here children can make a three-dimensional figure representing a Cistercian monk using a range of materials, including recyclable waste.

"Pedro and Inês – An Enchanting Story" – In this activity workshop, under the guidance of the Education Service specialists, children learn the significance of this story in the broader history of Portugal and the Monastery istelf while creating three-dimensional images of Pedro and Inês using a range of materials, including recyclable waste.

"The Sculptor-Monks" – The main goal of this workshop is to introduce children to this important artistic activity once carried out in the Monastery. The children will also be able to recreate the specific atmosphere by dressing as Cistercian monks and making clay figures of their own.  

"Building a Monastery" – This pedagogic workshop gives children the opportunity to paint and decorate their own version of the Monastery’s façade on paper.

"Truly Scrumptious! Make and Eat Your Own Monastic Sweets" – This workshop gives the Monastery’s kitchen back its original purpose and provides children with the opportunity to play and learn – making traditional monastic sweets while at the same time getting a taste of life in the Monastery as it was for the monks.
Cistercian Snakes and Ladders – Here children can dress up as Cistercian monks and take part in a life-sized version of the traditional board game adapted to monastic life. The children themselves are figures on the giant game board.

Virtual Themed Presentations

"Building Monuments – A Mediaevel Work Site" – a virtual presentation on the architecture and building methods of the Middle Ages.