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Legal Instruments

Project Team




The eLearning Centre of the Polytechnic Institute Tomar (IPT) and the Departmental Unit for Information and Communication Technologies within IPT's Graduate School of Management Tomar (ESGT).
José Ribeiro Mendes - Project Director
Célio Gonçalo Marques - Content Management and Usability
Ricardo Campos - Web Programming and Development
Vasco Silva - Databases
António Cardoso Alves - Law
Hélder Pestana - Programming


Coordination / DIED
Manuel Lacerda
Carla Lopes
Jorge Alves


Technical Experts
José António Jacinto - Web Programming and Development
Cláudia Alvarez - Content Processing
Rodrigo Antunes - Photography


Monastery of Alcobaça Team
Cecília Gil - Content Production and Review
Eng. Pedro Tavares - Content Production and Scientific Support
Andreia Charneca - Content Production, visits, entertainment and technical support
Carina Santos - Content Production, visits and entertainment
Elizabete Jorge - Content Production, visits, entertainment and technical support
Joana d ‘ Oliva Monteiro - Content Production
João Coroado - Tacelo Project
Jorge Pereira de Sampaio - Production of texts about Alcobaça
Filomena Leonardo - Content Production, visits, entertainment
Isabel Costeira - Review of learning materials
Saul Gomes - Scientific support/research from the Priests of the Monastery of Alcobaça